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picture of student building tower

A student participates in a tower game as part of Reading Counts Fun Friday. Student teams were instructed to build the tallest structure out of uncooked spaghetti and gum drops.

Program motivates students to read independently

Junior high school students who participated in this quarter's Reading Counts program were rewarded with a Fun Friday on Feb. 17 that began with a bagel breakfast followed by team activities during which students competed in a tower game and a cup game.

Reading Counts is a program intended to inspire students in grades 7 and 8 to read books independently of school. Students read books of their own choice on their own time. At the end of five weeks, they take an online quiz or alternate assessment to test their knowledge and comprehension of the book.

Through Reading Counts, students develop such reading skills as comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. The program motivates students to achieve reading success.

The tower competition required teams of students to build the tallest structure using only gum drops, uncooked spaghetti and their creativity and problem-solving skills. The winning team's tower stood approximately 31 inches tall.

Meanwhile across the cafeteria, the cup game tested students' accuracy. The challenge involved clapping a cup, tapping hands and moving the cup in one direction or the other around the table. One wrong move, and students were out. After several close rounds, the last student playing was declared the winner for her team!

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Congratulations to the following students for successful independent reading!

bullet graphicUsva Asif

bullet graphicJaydin Cowan

bullet graphicJaden Decker

bullet graphicJessica Delsignore

bullet graphicBryan Desmo

bullet graphicAustin Divinichi

bullet graphicJared Ellis

bullet graphicDenzel Fitzgerald

bullet graphicJennah Hogan

bullet graphicBrianna Johnson

bullet graphicKatherine Hotaling

bullet graphicAndrew Larvia

bullet graphicJoshua Lindsay

bullet graphicChristopher Kayembe

bullet graphicKatelyn Krempecki

bullet graphicHallie Mainville

bullet graphicMaeonna Marshall

bullet graphicMarqus Medina

bullet graphicBrianna Moran

bullet graphicJemea Ndachi

bullet graphicBrandon Nichols

bullet graphicCaylee Nolan

bullet graphicAnthony Orsi

bullet graphicOwais Raza

bullet graphicSerena Shaw

bullet graphicEvan Tambolleo

bullet graphicKeihasha Wilson