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National Honor Society field trip
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Watervliet Historical Society visit

Mr. Tom Ragosta, president of the Watervliet Historical Society, speaks to Watervliet National Honor Society members Monday, March 12.

Honor students visit local historical society

With help of some local historians Monday, members of the Watervliet High School National Honor Society spent the school day learning about the city’s past. In addition to learning about local history, the students also enlisted help organizing some historical records recently discovered at the high school.

About a dozen members of the National Honor Society visited the Watervliet Historical Society for a special tour of the museum. Throughout the day, historical society members shared their local history research and discussed with the students the development and significance of the Erie Canal, the history of the city’s businesses and industries and more.

Thanks to material the students left behind, the local historians now have more research to do.       

The students and their advisor, Mr. Scott Burke, loaned the historians several large folders of old newspaper clippings and other printed material concerning the school district from the 1950s to the 1990s. Mr. Burke, a social studies teacher, said he recently discovered the forgotten clippings during a recent classroom move. Historical society members said they’ll go though the material with the aim of making copies of any valuable resources they find for the society’s archives.

To learn more about the Watervliet Historical Society visit their Facebook page.

Also, view a slideshow of the students’ visit to the historical society.