Athletic Department Staff:

Michael Foust, Athletic Director
Erin Manning, Athletic Department Secretary
Athletic Office: 629-3303
Athletic Office Fax: 273-1707

Fall Head Coaches


Varsity Football
Brian Hoefer
Mike Manning
Jeremy Smith
Josh Veshia

Modified Football
Darryl Whited

Varsity Girls Soccer
Kelsey Logan

Modified Girls Soccer
Jeff Roberts

Varsity Boys Soccer
Paul Travers

Varsity Girls Volleyball
Rebecca Young

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball
Peter Strand

Varsity & Modified Cross Country
Tami Karbowski

Varsity Cheerleading
Danielle Mele
Chelsie Clickner


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Winter Head Coaches


Varsity Girls' Basketball
Tim Mitchell

Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball
Kelsey Logan

Varsity Boys' Basketball
Orlando DiBacco

Junior Varsity Boys' Basketball
Peter Strand 

Varsity Boys' Wrestling
Dennis Lane

Modified Boys' Wrestling
Josh Veshia

Varsity Indoor Track
William McNeff


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Spring Head Coaches


Varsity Baseball
Nick Tambolleo

JV Baseball
Dan Cook

Varsity Softball
Megan Matuszek

Modified Softball
Tim Mitchell

Varsity & Modified Track & Field
Tami Karbowski 
Nick Yatrakis


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