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New traffic pattern at WJSHS for student arrival/dismissal
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From The Office of the Chief

In an effort to alleviate congestion and provide the safest environment possible for our students at the Watervliet High School Campus, we will be enforcing a new traffic pattern for arrival and dismissal times during the fall construction season.

Effective immediately, from 7–8:30 a.m. and 1:30–3 p.m., all motorists travelling to the WHS parking lot MUST travel SOUTH on 12th Avenue to the southern end of Hillside Drive. This route will take you up and around the school campus and you will now enter the parking lot from the western entrance. Once you have entered the parking lot and dropped off your students, you will proceed as normal through the parking lot and out again onto 12th Avenue NORTH to 19th Street. There will be no access to Wiswall Ave from 19th Street during this timeframe. We anticipate that this route will be the norm until construction allows for the re-installation of the schools parking lot exit lane, which contractors are targeting to be completed sometime in the late fall/early winter timeframe. | Video also airing on WVLT

Additionally, pedestrian students walking to school should attempt to utilize the sidewalk along the construction fence until they reach the bottom of the parking lot. At that point there will be a designated path that will lead them to a safe area to enter the parking lot and access the sidewalk again along the new gym. This route will also help keep our student population away from traffic exiting the parking lot area.

Police Department and school staff will be on hand to direct traffic as necessary until everyone has a good understanding of the new pattern. Everyone’s cooperation should make this a smooth transition and we appreciate your support in making our school environment a safe one for all.


 Download a copy of WPD traffic memorandum (PDF)