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Watervliet Schools now on Facebook and Twitter

In an effort to keep residents, parents, students and staff more informed about important news and events, Watervliet City Schools has joined the social-networking websites Facebook and Twitter.

Become our fan on Facebook

To become a fan of Watervliet’s Facebook page, you must first have a Facebook account. It’s free, and it's easy to become a fan! Already on Facebook? Once you've logged in, visit Watervliet's page and click "Like." If you’re not already on Facebook, but want to join, go to www.facebook.com to create an account. Then, click on the Facebook icon in the Quick Links box on the right side of this page and become a fan. Invite your friends and neighbors to join, too.

Become a follower on Twitter

Twitter is a free service that allows people and organizations to share brief messages, or "tweets," made up of no more than 140 characters. The district will “tweet” important news and updates, often accompanied by links that provide additional information. You can create an account at www.twitter.com. Once you’re logged in, find Watervliet's Twitter account, or just click on the Twitter icon in the Quick Links box on the right side of this page. To receive tweets from the district, click the “Follow” button.

Remember, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, the district utilizes an opt-in news service, School News Notifier (SNN), our website, and other traditional methods of communication to reach our community.