Watervliet Junior/Senior High School masthead
Watervliet Senior High School Student Council

Watervliet High School Student Council Constitution:

To promote a positive school environment by presenting the educational, and safety concerns of the students to the school administration. The Student Council will represent student concerns to the school administration and will work collaboratively to solve issues. The Student Council will sponsor events which foster good will and school spirit.
Elections will be held on a designated date in September of each school year. Students will be given notice in advance. Any student who is in good standing is eligible to seek office. Students must be in grades 9–12. Interested students must sign up in the Student Council Advisor’s classroom. Afterwards, students will be given one full week before the election for campaigning. On the day of the election, an assembly will be held in the Auditorium. At that time, any student seeking an office, will present their platform to the student body. Voting will take place throughout the school day during social studies classes.
Co – Presidents: Establish meeting times and dates. Set the agenda for the meetings. Read morning announcements. Attend Board of Education meetings where they will represent student concerns. Supervise and communicate with the other officers. Set monthly meetings with the Principal.
Treasurer: The treasurer will maintain all financial transactions. They will present a report at each meeting.
Secretary: The secretary will take attendance and keep a written record of issues discussed at each meeting. The secretary will be responsible for preparing letters and mailings.
Public Relations Officer: The public relations officer is responsible for designing and promoting all Student Council events. They will use a variety of mediums such as flyers, posters, announcements, the Student Council website, and WVLT to accomplish this. Events will be promoted efficiently in order to ensure maximum participation.
Removal from Office:
Officers may be removed by the advisor. Any officer who is found in violation of school policy or deficient in his/her job performance may be removed from office. The officer will be notified by the advisor and a meeting between the officer and advisor will take place.
At that time, the officer may present any evidence which is relative to their case. The advisor will render a decision within three business days following the meeting. A criminal offense will constitute immediate removal. Officers may appeal the advisor’s decision to the school principal.
Meeting Times and Events:
General membership meetings and times will be decided by the officers and publicized to the membership. Events will be decided upon and publicized in advance to the membership.