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To: All Parents

Re: Watervliet City School District Procedure for Accessing Home Tutoring for Medical


The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Watervliet City School District has revised the procedure for accessing home tutoring for students with a temporary physical or emotional condition that makes school attendance medically impossible. This new procedure becomes effective July 1, 2017.

The District now requires satisfactory evidence, in the form of a signed statement of a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R, that the condition of the child medically prevents attendance at school. This statement must include the diagnosis and the length of time the student is anticipated to be absent from school and must be attached to the application

Requests for extension of Home Tutoring services beyond the period of time that is initially approved requires additional documentation and application. Any child who is excused from school attendance for more than six (6) months must have two (2) signed statements from two different licensed medical physicians or psychiatrists.
Exception: If a physician or psychiatrist certifies that a student has a chronic physical condition unlikely to substantially improve within one (1) year, then one signed statement is sufficient for services that extend beyond six (6) months. This exception does not apply to students with mental health conditions.

An application for Home Tutoring must be completely filled out and submitted to the PPS Director Janelle Yanni, Office of Programs & Pupil Services, 1245 Hillside Drive, Watervliet, New York 12189. This form may be obtained from the PPS office. The application will be reviewed by the District Director of Programs and Pupil and the school nurse and parents will be notified regarding approval or denial within five school days after receipt of the Application for Home Tutoring.

The application requires the following information be supplied by the physician or psychiatrist:

1. The reason why Home Tutoring is necessary.

2. The medical condition including history, prognosis, and medication.

3. Any limitations concerning the kind and duration of instruction.

4. The length of time needed for Home Tutoring.

5. Possible precautions that the tutor should take during the period of instruction.

The physician or psychiatrist’s original signature is required (stamped signatures will not be accepted).

Elementary school students on Home Tutoring receive five hours of instruction per week and secondary school students receive ten hours of instruction per week. No tutoring will occur on a school holiday or weekend, during summer months, or on other days when school is not in session.

A Q & A document for parents and providers on Home Tutoring is located on our district website. The District looks forward to working with you, your physician or provider to plan for your child’s educational needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Yanni at the Office of Programs & Pupil Services at (518) 629-3202.

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