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Watervliet administrators have joined the Twittersphere! Follow them as they Tweet pictures and news from our schools.

Vliet administrators join Twitter


All Watervliet administrators are now on Twitter! That means you can receive more news than ever about our schools! If you have a Twitter account, we invite you to follow them:

bullet graphicJr./Sr. High School Principal Ryan Groat (@WJSHSPrincipal)

bullet graphicJr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal Kelly Webster (@vlietwebster)

bullet graphicElementary Principal Loida Lewinter (@lewinter_vliet)

bullet graphicAssistant Elementary Principal David Wareing (@vlietWareing)

bullet graphicDirector of Curriculum and Instruction Kirsten DeMento (@vlietprograms)

bullet graphicDirector of Special Education Janelle Yanni (@vlietsped)

bullet graphicDirector of Literacy & UPK Don Stevens (@Stevens_vliet)

If you already follow @vlietschools or @coachfoust (Watervliet Athletics), you will see re-tweets of our posts.