HVCC Instant Admission Day  

College-bound seniors meet with college admissions reps

Nearly half of Watervliet High School’s senior class participated in HVCC Instant Admissions Day on Friday, Oct. 20 and were “accepted on the spot” to the two-year college in Troy. View photo gallery

Thirty-six seniors met with HVCC admissions representatives to receive acceptance certificates, discuss academic programs and ask questions about next steps, including applying for scholarships and financial aid.

According to high school guidance counselors David Olszewski and Katelyn McAvoy, many students will use this guaranteed acceptance to begin the process of registering for classes next fall, while others will continue their college search with the assurance that they have the option to attend HVCC and begin earning credits toward a four-year degree should they choose.

“Our students only responsibility is to arrive at the guidance office for their scheduled appointment and have a conversation with the admission representatives,” said Mr. Olszewski. “The college also waives its $30 application fee, which is a benefit for our students and families.”

Another benefit is that seniors enrolled in the HVCC College in the High School courses this year will have accumulated credits toward their two-year associate’s degree when they begin classes next fall.

Criminal Justice, Engineering, Human Services, Individual Studies and Nursing are a few of the programs Watervliet seniors expressed an interest in pursuing at HVCC.

The soon-to-be-graduates can expect to receive their formal acceptance letters between January and February.

picture of student with HVCC admissions officerpicture of student reviewing paperwork with admissions rep